Monday, October 26, 2009

Incase anyone was wondering...YES! We are still alive!

Yes! The Oyler's are still alive! There are just not enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do and to get everything done I need to get done!! I'm sure most of us feel this way!! So unfortunately my blog gets thrown by the way side. Anyway, Tannon and I have been busy little bees the past couple months, Tannon with work and school and me with work and just being a wife (its hard work people, especially with the hubby I have! haha! Love ya babe!) Tannon has been workin his lil butt off on the farm trying to get harvest finished up and also trying to stay caught up with school! He really does work SO hard, I'm really proud of him! And I am so happy that his work will be slowing down a bit for the winter, it will be nice to actually spend time with him on the weekends again!

So since I haven't really posted ANYTHING this summer....I thought I would post our "first hiking trip ever" pics! Tannon and I decided we needed a new hobby, so we decided to take up hiking, so we went out and purchased all the needed supplies, not realizing how expensive it was really going to be and everything we would need... and set out one Saturday morning with a couple of our friends. We did some SERIOUS hiking for our first hiking trip, I don't think I have worked so hard in my life!! It was tons of fun though and can't wait to go again next year!

I forgot to mention that we camped at the place that we hiked to and since you have to carry everything you need on your back we were really roughing it! From going to camping in a trailer, with a heater and a bed and yummy camping food to camping in a teeny tiny tent, laying on rocks, freezing, and eating freeze dried space food was quite the experience. Sure makes you feel thankful for what you have!!


Landon & Cami said...

I am so glad you are alive!!! I have been checking in once in a while! It looks like you had a great time!!

Fromm's said...

That is seriously the most unbelievable story coming from you! Never thought I'd hear you took up hiking! But I'm excited because next year I'm dragging you with me! Ry Jax and I did quite a bit this summer too and had a blast! You are better then us though cause we for sure didn't rough it on the hard ground and no heat!